Saturday, June 10, 2006

The gardens in

Well it took another 2-3 hours but the veggie garden is in now. There's tomatoes, peppers (red and green), onions, carrots, red beets, yellow and green beans, swiss chard (red and green), 3 kinds of lettuces and all the flowers are planted now.

The herbs are in too. I have curly parsley, oregano, chives (reg. and garlic) and mini basil. Can't wait to start eating them.

And to top it off the strawberries are ready at the local farmers market. Box a box and delicious! Going to go picking tomorrow.

Have a great day.


roseygirl said...

we have no garden at all in our town house I miss having a garden, though I think I will do some herbs on my balcony, I am not much of a gardener but I am will to give it a try. :)

Kathy said...

I'm not much of a gardener either, but am going to put in a small herb garden. Too bad it is raining today, we were supposed to go to the local nursery. I really want to go strawberry picking, and put up some jams. Hopefully next week.

Would love to see some pics of your garden...