Saturday, October 07, 2006

Matt and Miki's Sweaters

Well I told the kids that I would work on their sweaters this weekend. Its a long weekend due to our Thaksgiving. Yeah turkey!

So...... I spent tonight and finished off Matthew's sleeve. Pitiful that I only had 30 rows to go. The knitting is done and all I have left for his is to sew the sleeve on and tuck in all the ends. And there is alot!

Now with Miki's I had two sleeves and to finish the front, neck and sew and tuck ends in. Well I completed one sleeve tonight. I would of casted on another one at 12:30am but I want to make sure the length is right (so I don't have to rip it, rip it).

Also, I saw in the Owen Sound Suntimes that Riverside Yarns is finally open. Will have to go and check it out tomorrow. Can't buy any yarn as I have way too much as it is. But if I am good maybe in the spring.

Will post pictures of the sweaters when I am done. My camera is at home and still has to be down loaded from last time.



Sharon said...


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Tricotine said...

I cannot wait to see a photo of the sweaters!

Isabelle aka Tricotine
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