Sunday, October 22, 2006

What I am currently working on

I haven't done a whole heck of alot of knitting this week. My left arm and elbow have been hurting me. I feel 3 years ago at work and hit my elbow on the ground - so a piece of bone is floating around. Every now and then it acts up and it has chosen the last few weeks to do so. I had my tension brace on today and it is helping.

I am still working on the dishcloths and sad to say I haven't gotten any more done. Still working on Number 16. I have however started another scarf, this one is made by Belle and is a lovely shade of black with silver flecks. Very pretty! And very pricey!!! Its $17.95 a ball but I got it for 30% off - still pricey but lovely to work with.

Last week I did a lovely scarve in Patons Carme in white with flecks of brown and black. Feels like a bunny and I love it. Too bad its going to be a price for our social committee at work.

Our brownie enrollment was awesome! We had alot of parents there (I'd say MOST parents came) and we had 17 girls enrolled. Had a lovely cake and McCain's fruit punch. Lots of fun was held by all. This week we are having our Halloween Party. Can't wait! But what will I be?

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Michele [iSmile ;D] said...

16 dishcloths!!! Wow! That's awesome... I've only gotten 6 done and feel like such a slacker!

Hope your elbow feels better soon.