Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

I believe that this will be one of my last postings of the year. Still have 6 1/2 hrs left till New Years eve. Hoping to start a scarf that will be a thank you for a friend who has been cross stitch baby bibs for me (for my sister). I can't wait to see them or the baby that's due in 3-4 days!

My tennis elbow I believe is getting better so you know that when I go back to work on Tuesday it will hurt like heck again. I got alot of knitting done but I am going to try the knit from my stash for 2007. Nine months of not buying yarn! Ahhhh! I can do this. I guess I should amend my list in case I go anywhere really cool that sells awesome yarn but I will not.

I will post my new years resolutions tomorrow.

Have a Happy new Year and stay safe tonight. Peace to all and lets hope 2007 is a great year.

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