Monday, December 04, 2006

Its finally snowing!

Wow! After a fantastic week of weather; with temps as high as 16C we are actually getting snow! It was -4C with a windchill of -11C. Lets hope it kills off all of those flu bugs and makes it feel alot like Christmas.

I haven't been around for abit as I can't knit. My arm is screwed up yet again. Or still depending on how you want to look at it. About 4 weeks ago I helped my hubby take the tauno cover off of the truck and lets just say I couldn't even squeeze the tooth paste with my left hand. And to top it off I am left handed. Now two weeks ago I did abunch of stuff at work and yes it hurts like hell again. Ugh!! Went to the chiropractor and he thinks its tennis elbow. So I am off to see him twice a week for two weeks. Hopefully my insurance will cover it.

Now what I need to do for Christmas is:

finish shopping
do Christmas cards
knit 20 dish cloths still for our brownie camp in Janaury
2 scarves for Christmas
finish Miki's sweater
sew Matt's sweater
do some head bands and hats for the kids.
make a scarf for my niece and a scarf to match.

I am thinking of putting the tension bandage on and knit. To hell with and suck it up and then bitch. lol

Hopefully I will be able to complete some of this before Christmas.

Well have to get ready for puppy class. Quincy is starting to see the light and hasn't messed in the house. Now his cage yes but not the carpet.

Have a great night!


roseygirl said...

we had lots of snow last week, but it is all being washed away now with the rain :(

Britt-Arnhild said...

Hi Leigh Ann.

How nice to find your blog.
I have bookmarked it and will come back.