Thursday, April 12, 2007

I did it!

I am officially a SAHM again! For how long? I'm not sure. But the stress, the polictics and the bullshit I've been putting up with for 4 years is now behind me. I loved what I did but - when you get pulled in many directions and then not sure if your right or wrong anymore and if your listening to the BIG BOSS and then your manager says do it HER way and no other way. I say fuck that.

Maybe I am having my mid-life crisis' early. Hell I'll be 40 next year but I don't have to go to work feeling like I'm going to be sick, or have to walk on eggshells. My stomach and that has been feeling abit better lately.

Now I can start to look for a job I may enjoy. I still want to open a yarn shop but that will be after we sell the farm (when ever that maybe).

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