Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Miki's First Communion

The weather turned out to be great, alittle cool but no rain or snow. Miki looked beautiful! I was ready to cry. Her hair was done up in ringlettes and it she looked really pretty in her dress. Pictures to come. It took our hair dresser an hour to get all the curls done but it was worth it.

There were four kids from her class that took first communion this week. A few of the parents thought it would have been nice if the priest would of mentioned them BUT there is a solumn first communion June 10th with ALL the grade two's. So, she gets to wear her dress again.

Lots of food and drinks. She got some really nice gifts and the lots of gifts of cash. :) The DQ cake was good and we actually still had some left.

I did most of the clean up yesterday (Monday) as I was pooped. Lots of planning and cleaning. We had turkey, ham - yes I cooked both on Saturday nice and hubby sliced them, fresh fruits, shrimp, cheese and cracker platter, buns, cesaear salad and cake for dessert. We have enough leftovers to last us the week!

But it was nice to have my in-laws, my aunt, my parents and my sister and her family there. Hubbies sister is in UAE and his brother is a minister and weren't able to attend as well as my cousin who's wife works weekends in a Nursing Home. They were missed but we had a great time.

My newest niece was an angel and slept through the service and her sister was good as gold too.

I will post pictures once I am on my computer.

Good night!


roseygirl said...

I am looking forward to seeing the pictures :)

cathych said...

Love your blog, stop by & read mine!

Leigh Ann said...

I'm having a problem posting pictures at the moment but I will as soon as I figure out whats going on.