Saturday, April 28, 2007

Saturday's doodles

Well I though I would of gotten more done this weekend. I've made one dishcloth on the way up. One pillow case is almost finished. I am cross stitching it and it has 10 snowflakes of different sizes. Taking longer than I thought it would but I like it.

Matt wants his quilt sewed by grandma and not tied quilt by me. So... his quilt is on the quilt frame so I couldn't do my horse shoe one. Its flannel with horse heads and horse shoes. Done in beige and burgundy. I think it will be nice when its done and it will be warm. I have extra material of both and since I bought it 3-5 years ago I can't remember what I was going to do with the extra. Duh!!!!

Oh!! I have started my Irish Hiking Scarf (IHS). Not that far along but its coming. I will work on it on the way home. I might be able to get the second pillow case started tonight as well. My french nots are coming along. Its been years since I have had to do them. They will get better with each pillow case I do.

And its been raining off and on all weekend. The poor dog has been caged for most of the trip but when we get his paws cleaned off and dry then he gets some freedom. But then its normally time to let him out again! lol

Well time to get ready to go for dinner. Its my mil's birthday and we are taking her out for supper. To Montana's ... so she just might get the ears! heehehe

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