Saturday, June 16, 2007

Survived Brownie Camp

Well we had brownie camp last weekend and it was a hit! The girls had a blast! We thought we werer going to be rained out or be in a major thunderstorm but it pasted over us. Setting the tents up in the wind was challenging but it all worked out and we did a craft and had smores the first night.

The second day we went for two hikes and did some crafts. The second hike took us to Rock Glen where the girls got to see the waterfall and we went to the musuem there. Also we went down 150 stairs to where you could look for fossils and they all found one. Kind of neat. We should of done that first and then went to the museum so that they could match up what they found with what the museum has. We then had to climb UP a 100 stairs. Lets just say everyone was pooped after that hike. We invited the guides from Corunna to join us for a campfire and sing songs. Both groups behaved excellently and got along amazingly. We brought out the smores again and gave everyone juice box (good way to clean them up). Our girls were saying can we go to bed as we are tired. Makes for a great camp when they are tired! heehee

We had dd class first communion on the Sunday as well so it was a very busy weekend for us. It went great as well and it was nice to see all the kids in their outfits and gowns. I had a tear in my eye as well.

Will post pictures of camp later.

Leigh Ann

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