Saturday, June 02, 2007

Well a week into 2007 SSO

Well its been about a week or almost two since I started the 2007 SSO and so here is the May progress report:

3 balls used for 3 dish cloths knitted ( blue, pink and light green) trefoil pattern.
5 balls used for a Fiore scarf knitted (donated the scarf to a friends silent auction at her school).

Returned the following yarn. Yes! You read right

12 balls of Bernat Satin 100 grams each
2 ball of Bernat Cotton appr. 50 grams each
8 balls of Primavera Nova Yarn 5o grams each
1 ball of Bernat Denimum 100 grams

So grand total of 1450 grams of yarn returned. I still have alot of knitting. I did put an order in for yarn for sweaters for my nieces. My Just for Kids book came in and I have the yarn on hold till August (downpayment came from the Primavera yarns - so basically switching out).

On the needles to finish that I started this month is:

A+ apple dishcloth for teacher helper (need to do two of these maybe two for dd teach too)
scarf for a Christmas gift and I can do a matching hat and mitts if I have enough of the funky yarn.

So not a bad month and hopefully will get more done after next weekend. Brownie camp!

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