Thursday, February 08, 2007

My day off

I have today off and I am enjoying it. Though I will have to workthis weekend and every other from now on. I haven't worked weekendsfor almost 2 years. Oh well.... we will see how it goes.

Any way! I went to Sarnia Craft Supplies who are having their 4thanniversary to take a look around. Nothing caught my fancy! Iguess with all the yarn I have at home I am feeling guilty.I did buy stuff for my brownie meeting tonight and a purple tote toput my cotton yarn in. I found more than I thought I had. Eeks!Could me more buried in the stash. Hopefully I have gotten all thesurvivors out!

Oh!! Speeking of Survivors! Guess what startstonight! Survivor Fiji! Can't wait to see what happens. I am hooked on that show.

Well, I got home got some Bernat Baby Lash out of my stash andstarted a scarf for my neice. Guess what? What!! I ran out of yarn. I need 1 more ball to finish it and I am on a yarn diet. When that happened I finished off my Monthly KAL for February. It turned out nice. Will post pics later. I did grab a pattern to do premi hats so I may grab some worstedweight yarn and start one tonight and I might even finish it.

Well I should get supper on and get everything ready for tonight.Keep warm and hopefully you don't have any snow. Its sunny here right now and its nice to see.

Leigh Ann

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