Saturday, February 03, 2007

New month of destashing

Okay I am going to do the one month destashing again. Hopefully I will get alot more knitting done this month than last.My goals:

1. Knit the rest of those darn dishcloths up. I'm still on # 21, its so cold outside I am staying home and going to sit by the fire and knit today (with my tension bandage on). I really shouldn't be lifting boxes of wood to put in the fire place! hehe

2. Sew my sons sweater up and tuck all the ends in.

3. Or I will finish knitting my daughters sweater and then sew it up and tuck all the ends in.

4. Scarf for my neice.

I am hoping to get half of this done by the end of the month or the 3rd of March.** I may allow myself 1 day to go to the Anniversary sale at the yarn shop. I have to see if they send me a email on what the deals are.

Knit on!!

Leigh Ann

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