Saturday, February 03, 2007

Next! # 22 in dishcloths

Yeah! I finished #21 and I am on # 22! I also went into the monthly KAL dishcloth and have started the February one. Knitted 29 rows on it and have a few rows of #22 done.

My arm is killing me but I am going to continue. I have some good drugs for inflamation that will help. Either that or the cooler I am having will help more!

Its cold here in S-W Ontario with the windchill its -21C and there are windchill warnings, storm warnings and road closures in other parts of Ontario. Glad to be home infront of the fire and knitting. I did get some laundry done as well and now I am off to watch a repeat of CSI Miami and knit on the dishcloth.Have a great night!

Knit on!

Leigh Ann

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