Sunday, February 25, 2007

Hat and Scarf set done for my daughter

I finished my daughters hat and scarf set last night. The scarf is made of Bernat Baby Lash and the hat from Bernat Satin. Its the same pattern as my niece's in pink. My friend at work and some co-workers liked it. I love it!

another hat

I'm on a roll with hats! Not sure why I am in the mood for these but I am. I started this one last night and got half way through it and I finished it tonight. Sewed and everything.

Its multi-coloured blue and for my daughter and was made out of Bernat Satin. I have yarn for my son but I'm not sure of a pattern. Don't want him to be teased at school so will look for one for him. Then I can do a scarf for him too.

Well off to start another of those dish cloths for the brownies.

Happy knitting!

Leigh Ann

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Well I woke up and felt like someone ran over me with a snow plow. I feel like crap. Didn't do a whole lot as I had the day off and it was snowing like crazy. Love that! The buses were cancelled and we let the kids stay home if they wanted too. They actually were good!

Last night I made 55 cupcakes and a small 8 inch cake for Valentine's Day. They are all iced and I sprinkled red lips on them. The kids will be taking them to school tomorrow. If I don't feel well tomorrow I am staying home in bed.

Hubby went into town and got us some fish from Prudy's. I had orange roughy and he had white fish. We had rice with it and had a nice supper together. Also, had a nice hot bubble bath too.

Well off to do some knitting for the night.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Finally we have some more snow! Not like New YOrk who has 8 feet or Owen Sound who got at least 2 feet up to 4 feet. Then there's us with just a sciff of snow. Hopefully we will get a good dumping of the white stuff. I am off tomorrow but the kids could get a snow day then. Then what do I do with 55 cupcakes and a small cake.

Well the Gilmore Girls are on. Off to see what the girls are up too.

Leigh Ann

4 more projects done

Since the last post I have finished 4 more projects. 3 sets of baby booties and a preemie baby hat. They are so tiny and so cute! Hard to believe babies can be that small! I had 9 lbs 11 oz and 9 lbs and 1 oz.

Well off to start something else!

Leigh Ann

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Finished two more projects

Well the knitting needles are on fire! I finished the hat for my niece and it turned out cute!! she will definitely look adorable. As she is! lol I started one for my daughter but not liking the yarn so I am going to frog it and start again.

I did make a pair of blue baby booties up. At work three girls are pregnant and two of them are having boys. Just have to sew them up and do the string to go through the eyelets. Going to make another set for the other girl.

Well its 11pm and time to hit the sack. Morning will come early and I have to work.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Finished my niece's scarf last night

I finished up the scarf for my niece. It turned out nice. Too measure it I had one of my kids get on their knees so I could see how the length would be.I started a hat for her out of Bernat Satin with two strands. Had a problem on row 3 and had to frog. Will start it again tonight. Its in pink as well and will match the scarf nicely.

Have a great day. I'm off to work!

Leigh Ann

Oh! I should say I am two months behind at least. I bought these yarns to make the hat and scarf for Christmas presents. Oh well. I guess they will be I love you presents!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Eventful evening

Well we had an eventful evening tonight. Went to brownies and had fun with the games and the pencil craft. We played : giggling bellies, musical hearts, be my valentine smile, bubble gum blow, and Steal my heart. We had prices for the bubble gum game, steal my heart and musical hearts. The craft was a butterfly on a pencil.

My daughter got her fish finally! She got 3 Neon Tetras. Her tank is only 1.77 gallons and we couldn't get any different fish. These are the perfect size for it. I will be looking for a bigger tank later on.

Well fishies are in their new home (hopefully none die) and I want to start a hat for my niece. I found a neat pattern at

Happy knitting!

Leigh Ann

My day off

I have today off and I am enjoying it. Though I will have to workthis weekend and every other from now on. I haven't worked weekendsfor almost 2 years. Oh well.... we will see how it goes.

Any way! I went to Sarnia Craft Supplies who are having their 4thanniversary to take a look around. Nothing caught my fancy! Iguess with all the yarn I have at home I am feeling guilty.I did buy stuff for my brownie meeting tonight and a purple tote toput my cotton yarn in. I found more than I thought I had. Eeks!Could me more buried in the stash. Hopefully I have gotten all thesurvivors out!

Oh!! Speeking of Survivors! Guess what startstonight! Survivor Fiji! Can't wait to see what happens. I am hooked on that show.

Well, I got home got some Bernat Baby Lash out of my stash andstarted a scarf for my neice. Guess what? What!! I ran out of yarn. I need 1 more ball to finish it and I am on a yarn diet. When that happened I finished off my Monthly KAL for February. It turned out nice. Will post pics later. I did grab a pattern to do premi hats so I may grab some worstedweight yarn and start one tonight and I might even finish it.

Well I should get supper on and get everything ready for tonight.Keep warm and hopefully you don't have any snow. Its sunny here right now and its nice to see.

Leigh Ann

Monday, February 05, 2007

Number 22 is done!

Okay! I have dishcloth #22 done (I started these back in September on the labour day weekend to be exact). I should be done 30+++ by now but I am not. I am on a role! Yeah!!!Going to start #23 tomorrow. Have to work on a different pattern right now.

Happy knitting!

Leigh Ann

PS I really don't want to sew all the ends of these end later! Ugh!!!!

Sunday, February 04, 2007


I bought these two bibs at Mary Maxims for $2 someting each. A friend of mine did them for me as I didn't have the time. Didn't she do a great job. My neice (and sister) loved them.

Miki's sleepover cake. I used teddy grahams for the people in the sleeping bag and the butterfly sprinkles as a pattern on the bedspread.

Star Oatmeal double chocolate chip muffins. Mmmm mmmm good!

Baby its cold outside!

Brr!!! I woke up this morning and it was -28C (with the windchill). I take back every laugh and snicker I had for those provinices that were at -40 to -45C. Brrrrrr. Tomorrow its suppose to be achilly -30C. I don't think its been this cold for along time.

The fireplace is going almost none stop. We've been keeping the heat at a respectable temperature and dropping it abit at night. I've knitted on my monthly KAL dishcloth. Looks really cute and I think I know the pattern (won't say just incase anyone else is on here too). I am also still knitting on #22 and I am really getting sick of orange! lol I have to see what else I have on the needles; I do have quite a few different projects that I could do.

Or organize my stash. My sister maybe come over this afternoon with the girls. The baby is getting so big! She's 1 month and 1 day old now.

Well off to have some lunch and tidy up. I think I will send hubby to the grocery store for some supplies. Thank goodness its just around the corner.

Happy knitting!

Leigh Ann

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Next! # 22 in dishcloths

Yeah! I finished #21 and I am on # 22! I also went into the monthly KAL dishcloth and have started the February one. Knitted 29 rows on it and have a few rows of #22 done.

My arm is killing me but I am going to continue. I have some good drugs for inflamation that will help. Either that or the cooler I am having will help more!

Its cold here in S-W Ontario with the windchill its -21C and there are windchill warnings, storm warnings and road closures in other parts of Ontario. Glad to be home infront of the fire and knitting. I did get some laundry done as well and now I am off to watch a repeat of CSI Miami and knit on the dishcloth.Have a great night!

Knit on!

Leigh Ann

New month of destashing

Okay I am going to do the one month destashing again. Hopefully I will get alot more knitting done this month than last.My goals:

1. Knit the rest of those darn dishcloths up. I'm still on # 21, its so cold outside I am staying home and going to sit by the fire and knit today (with my tension bandage on). I really shouldn't be lifting boxes of wood to put in the fire place! hehe

2. Sew my sons sweater up and tuck all the ends in.

3. Or I will finish knitting my daughters sweater and then sew it up and tuck all the ends in.

4. Scarf for my neice.

I am hoping to get half of this done by the end of the month or the 3rd of March.** I may allow myself 1 day to go to the Anniversary sale at the yarn shop. I have to see if they send me a email on what the deals are.

Knit on!!

Leigh Ann