Saturday, May 26, 2007

My 2007 goals for Summer of Stash Out and the Skeins Her Way contest

Any way..... my goals:

1. Not to buy any yarn until after the Labour Day weekend (depending on how much of the stash I have used). See April 2,2007 blog for pictures of the stash. My blog is:

2. To complete some of my UFO's:
a. Matt's sweater just needs to be sewed
b. Miki's sweater
c. Poncho - not sure who its for yet - jsut needs to be sewed
d. The 6 cable sweater I started back in 1992 that no longer will fit but is almost done.
f. Sewing buttons on a few things that need them and tucking ends into others so that
they are 100% finished.
3. To work on depleting some of my new yarns into the projects that I bought them for:
1. Bernat Satin top for me
2. Hat for Matt - can't think of the name but its 100% virgin wool
3. Hat for Miki - same as above
4. Cotton top for me - Twilley's Freedom Cotton DK in navy
5. various scarves that I have done - just have to be sewed
6. to use up some of the dish cloth yarns that I have had for awhile.
4. I won't buy any more yarn on sale till after the SSO is done or till I use up alot of this yarn.
5. To work on the project of the month and finish them.
I think that's good for me for now. Could add more if I get through these lists.


1. A knitting magazine that may come out during this time
2. A ball of yarn to finish a project. Shouldn't have too as I normally buy an extra ball.
3. If I go on a fab holiday and see an awesome yarn shop and the yarn calls to me. Fat chance this will happen but if it does I would be aloud.
4. Extra stitch counter if I have mutiple things on the go or I loose one. I really don't need any extra knitting stuff as I have alot as is.
5. Yarn for the project of the month. I probably will have the yarn in my stash but I may have to add to it depending on the project.
What's in it for me in the end.

Yarn used up and a feeling of accomplishment. Hopefully some Christmas presents will be finished and I won't be rushed then.

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