Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursdays doodlings

Wow what a rain storm we had yesterday. Thunder and lighting in the morning and just rain, rain and more rain. The gardens and the lawn needed it desparately though. Will be weeding the flower beds I guess this weekend.

Been working on my shawl and I am still at ball 1 1/2. Ball three turned out to be more beige than green so I took it back to the good people at Sarnia Craft Supply and was able to switch it for one similar to my colours. The die lot, colour and brand were all identical. Not sure what the good people at Lion Brand were smoking but it must of been good. {{I'm in a silly - bashing mood}}

DD and I had a district advancement last night. Kim and Tammy did an amazing job of decorating the gym. Everyone had a great time and our rap song got applause. lol We (as in all the leader's of our district) gave our district leader a rose bud tree. She loved it! Ontario guiding is changing so this was the last of its kind last night. And all the girls behaved very well and the cake was good as well.

Had lunch with my good friend Karen and got to talk shop. Looked at the flowers at Zehrs and contiplating what I want to put in my gardens this year. Not sure of everything I want in the veggie patch as well.

Well I should go and get something done!

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