Monday, May 21, 2007

What I did on the long weekend

Well I can't believe that the weather sucked! Okay! I should because it always sucks on our May 2-4. But I wasn't expecting the rain!

I read two books this weekend, knitted two dishcloths and went to my sisters today. I also, went to the cemetery and planted some flowers on my great grandparents grave. They are the only ones with out any so I decided its time to change that! I planted some hostas (I split one of mine at home), 2 plants from my sisters (I divided them too and not sure what they are. Daisies of some sort?) and 3 Ostrepermums (sp??). Two orange and one white. I added fresh dirt and my niece helped me. She was a good girl. We watered them and the flowers that my mom had on my grandparents grave.

My other niece is just giggling up a storm and VERY ticklelish. Loves her auntie Leigh.

Well of to take a hot shower as I am freezing! And pack to head to the farm tomorrow to plant my garden. I think Quincy will be going on a road trip with me. When I get back its my garden to be done.

Have a great night.

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