Saturday, May 12, 2007

New blog - 2007 Summer Stash Out

I've created a new blog for the summer called the 2007 Summer Stash Out. I've been waiting for another stash out to start but I believe the people are busy and haven't decided if they wish to run it. I know the feeling! I've been contemplating this for a month now and thought I run one myself. Never done that before!

I wanted to get it up and running as the holiday weekend (weekends depending on what country your in) is coming very soon.

For those who would like to participate it very simple. Between the May 2-4 weekend (or Memorial Day weekend) and Labour Day weekend we will vow to knit from our stash. Thus being said, you can vow to finish up those works in progress. Yes, we all have at least one haning around! Or you can vow to working on your knitted/crochet Christmas list and actually have them out and done on time this year.

Here is the blog link:

So feel free to pop in and if you like to sign up we would love to have you!

Leigh Ann

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